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My Xbox LIVE is a free application that lets you take the Xbox LIVE experience with you on your device anywhere you want. You can constantly check your achievements, compare them with the rest of the Xbox 360 users or connect with your friends.

From the application you can also access the most recent Xbox LIVE news, with all the novelties of the world of videogames, tricks for games and a lot more.

Another option the application offers is to change or modify your avatar. You can use all your accessories or buy new ones to make your avatar even more handsome. Additionally, of course, you can edit your profile without problems.

The application needs an Xbox LIVE account to start the session. Once you’ve started you can carry out all the before mentioned actions, send private messages on Xbox, etc.

My Xbox LIVE is a very useful tool for Xbox 360 users because thanks to it you can always be connected to your account from your cellphone.
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